Housing now! Make your voice heard!

We wanted to make sure to share a great one-stop-shop for all the resources we promised you tonight, thanks to our friends at the Eastown Community Association. Follow the link below to check out the talking points, the powerpoint, take a quick survey or send an email to your commissioner to share what you think!

We urge you all to voice your thoughts directly to our 2nd Ward Commissioners, Ruth Kelly and Joe Jones, whose contact information can be found at the link. At this link, you can also find a link to a survey, the results of which will be shared at the City Commission meeting tomorrow. Better yet, come to the City Commission meeting tomorrow at 7pm on the 9th floor of City Hall located at 300 Monroe NW and express yourself! At least one MNA representative will be in attendance as well.

Photo taken from the Housing Now! Community information meeting that happened earlier tonight. Photo credit: Eastown.org

The MNA is writing a letter to the City Commission at this very moment, and board approval is pending. We are still working toward the exact points of this letter, but the basics are what we heard from you, our neighbors! We’ve heard that you want affordable housing, but also want more community engagement and more data.

Take a look at the link below from eastown.org to get more information!


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