The new calendar year promises to be a big one for Grand Rapids City Parks, with new upgrades, renovations, and additional features planned for more than half a dozen of the area’s green spaces.

Construction plans for 2017 are in the works for Bike Park and Clemente Park in the southwest; Alexander Park in the southeast; and Huff Park, Aberdeen Park, and Ball Perkins Park in the northeast.

The Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department has also announced plans to bring four concrete ping-pong tables to area parks, though their locations are being largely left up to the public to decide.

Earlier this month, the department put up a call for comments on its Facebook page, asking users where they would like to see an outdoor ping-pong table installed. So far, the post has received hundreds of suggestions, with Cherry Park, Riverside, and Wilcox Park leading the pack so far. The top six suggestions will become finalists for a full public vote.

“As a part of the master plan we’ve been floating ideas like this,” said David Marquardt, director of the parks and recreation department. “The feedback we’ve been getting has been positive, and we see this as a ‘quick win’ as a part of the master plan process.”

The park plans for 2017 come in the wake of a highly successful year for park renovations in Grand Rapids. A recent poll of urban residents around the globe found that 52% of people chose green spaces as the feature they’d most like to see more of in their cities. To that end, more than $2.5 million of federal grant money was spent in 2016 upgrading community parks, including a new walking path in Camelot Park and a picnic shelter at Mary Waters Park. A new playground, splash pad, and picnic area with restroom facilities is set to open at Campau Park at Delaware and Commons in spring 2017.

Many of the proposed upgrades for 2017 will be discussed in neighborhood meetings this month and next, to hear community input on the projects and developments.

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